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The transformative effects of the pandemic and its associated protocols reshaped my perception of personal space, leading me to find new meaning in familiar objects, notably plants and chairs. During this time, plants emerged as my constant companions and primary source of inspiration. From delicate fern-like foliage to hanging houseplants and seasonal flowers, these plant figurations began to take center stage in my art, gradually becoming the focal point of a series of paintings. Concurrently, I found myself drawn to the art of embroidery, which soon intersected with my botanical theme. In 2022, I began to merge these interests, experimenting with embroidery techniques on acrylic paintings of flowers.I use embroidery as a mark making tool to enhance and add textural accents and color to the details in flowers, petals, leaves and in the overall composition. This marriage of embroidery with painted canvas distinguishes my work from traditional embroidery in that the embroidery is not meant to cover the whole canvas. In addition, stitching onto painted canvas presents a physical challenge that lends the pieces to lack the fineness of traditional embroidery. While my embroidery over painted canvas are straightforward and perhaps naively crafted images of flowers, they are, however, part of the current lineage of flower painting open to fresh interpretation.

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